Reference OKI Europe Limited

KIM - the name says it all
Sector: Industry and Manufacturing
  • CAS genesisWorld
    • module ERP connect
    • module Form & Database Designer
    • module Data connect


  • Interdepartmental system for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Central CRM system for all branches of OKI’s Central Region
  • Optimisation of internal business processes
  • Establish customer relationships to distributors, resellers, end customers as well as interested parties
  • Simplification of co-operation between the departments

Benefits and advantages

  • All data are always completely up-to-date
  • Control of the handling of sales and marketing projects
  • Control of the lead and partnermanagement projects
  • Support of eventmanagement
  • Customers support is based on one database and one customer dossier, even across different departments and branch offices
  • Complete all-round view of various customer groups at the push of a button
  • Analytical CRM und intelligent filter queries
  • Select customers according to the most diverse attributes in a split second
  • Easy handling and logical structure
  • Raising customer proximity and customer orientation


Owen Tully, IS Business development, Manager for OKI Europe Limited

"Using the intelligent filter search, employees are able to select customers according to the most diverse attributes in a split second."